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Lou Bega After sharing the same stage for the french tv-show "les annees bonheur".
Fantastic singer & cool guy "Christophe Mae" competes in the hat department.
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Lou Bega Gig in Magdeburg was fun(Danke Radio MDR)
P A R I S. I am comming.
Wishing everyone a fine monday 😩😫😖👈🏾
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Lou Bega Shabbat Shalom !!!
Enjoy your weekend !!!
Peace be upon you !!! All around the World
Luv Lou 👈🏾
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Lou Bega Hi friends!! Höhrt mal rein.
Meine Labelkollegen starten gewaltig durch & erobern gerade die Ohren der Nation.
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Lou Bega Lou Bega updated their profile picture.14.09.2016 at 07:04 amLike
Lou Bega 3 Begas wish you an amazing weekend & urge you to spot Baby Jada 🎼🎙10.09.2016 at 09:09 pmLike
Lou Bega A horse named Lou 😱10.09.2016 at 07:02 amLike

Lou Bega got married in Las Vegas!

Foto 2

On January 7th, 2014 – one day before King “Elvis Presley’s” birthday – Lou Bega married his longtime companion “Jenieva Jane B.” and mother of his 5 year old daughter “Jada Love”.
The wedding took place in the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

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