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Lou Bega Every sin will be washed away...
Walk to the River Video-Shoot
Jenieva performs in the cold water to emphasize spiritual Rebirth and the washing away of sin(JOHN 3:5).
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Lou Bega My friend.....
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Lou Bega Video shoot for „Walk to the River“
Rain & cold winds couldn’t stop our team from starting the 4 day production process. #walktotheriver #newalbum #glorytogod #videoproduction
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Lou Bega Happy 🍰 day !!!
We wish you the best young man. Another 43 years pls.
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Lou Bega David & Jenieva Bega ,New Mini-Album available next week⏳.
1.Walk to the River. 2.When Jesus comes around. 3.Lord. 4.Blessed Hope. The most creative Creator of all things, allowed us by his Grace to be inspired(in-Spirit)for HIS Glory. 🔜🔜🔜🔜
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Lou Bega Happy Birthday 🎂 Jada-Love !!!
10 YEARS of pure GOLD.
The embodiment of Love & Joy ,that’s who u are. We love you from here to the end of the 🌎.
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Lou Bega Team Bega -11 years in love-still going strong-whowouldhavethought
No Monica or Erica, a little bit of Jenieva makes me your man🗣
We are for Eternity Baby!!!!!!!!!
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Lou Bega got married in Las Vegas!

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On January 7th, 2014 – one day before King “Elvis Presley’s” birthday – Lou Bega married his longtime companion “Jenieva Jane B.” and mother of his 5 year old daughter “Jada Love”.
The wedding took place in the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

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