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Lou Bega Mambo no.5 reaches 1000000 mark in the Uk.
Fictional Monicas & Ritas or Real Life Muses ? The Real Story behind the Most popular Track of a Generation.
Team Bega Salutes you .
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Lou Bega R.I.P
2001 hatte ich die Ehre ein paar Drinks mit dir zu kippen ,dabei wurde mir bei jedem Schluck immer klarer was für ein klasse Kerl da neben mir sass. 100 Mio Platten verkauft und dennoch
See More so cool,zugänglich & frei von jeglichen Egospielchen ,die in unserer Branche viel zu oft die Atmosphäre vergiften.Nun ja ,die wirklich "GROSSEN" sind meist auch groß im Mensch sein. Wir quatschten bis der Barkeeper das Licht löschte. Bin stolz darauf, dass unsere beiden Stimmen sich auf einem gemeinsamen Charity Werk fürs Rote Kreuz befinden (Greatest Stories are never told).So kann ich meinen Enkeln einmal sagen: Hey ,ich kannte IHN !!!.
Nun Udo,bist du in der Hall of Fame und zwar der echten ,der himmlischen. Kein sogenannter MusikKritiker kann dir jetzt noch ans Bein pinkeln- so wie sie es früher gern manchmal taten, da sie nie verstanden welch geniales Blues-Schlager Tier da auf der Bühne rockte und das nicht nur im deutsch sprachigen Raum.
Vor kurzem noch sahen wir dein Familienepos "Der Mann mit dem Fagott" und waren uns einig darüber wie sehr die Kraft deines heroischen Grossvaters in dir arbeitete. Anyway Udo, you will be truly missed.See Less
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Lou Bega Lou Bega updated his cover photo.
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Lou Bega Ode To my Lover,friend,Soldier girl,prettiest face in the universe. I thank you for beeing the "GRAND" miracle my eyes get to see when i wake upSee More in the Morning.
Our souls are one - i do confess -2gether we'll travel time untill we rest .
3200 days have passed-we 3 are blessed .....the future is ours ,we are at our best.
LouSee Less
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Lou Bega Enjoy your 3rd Advent guys!
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Lou Bega #tbt first tv performance with Mambo No.5
On europes biggest show in 1999.
First Artist in 25 years to ever give an encore on live tv.
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Lou Bega got married in Las Vegas!

Foto 2

On January 7th, 2014 – one day before King “Elvis Presley’s” birthday – Lou Bega married his longtime companion “Jenieva Jane B.” and mother of his 5 year old daughter “Jada Love”.
The wedding took place in the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

Lou Bega Gifts

If you don’t have any Christmas gifts for your sweethearts yet – what about Lou Bega presents?

The current album with the biggest hits from the 80s in Lou Bega style like “Give It Up”, “Come On Eileen”, “Smooth Operator”, “Physical”, “So Excited” and many more.

Lou Bega’s Best Of album with all his hits like ”Mambo No.5″, “I got a Girl”, “Sweet like Cola”, “Boyfriend” or “Just a Gigolo” as well as “Happy Feeling” – a great new Lou Bega track produced by Caro Emerald’s producers.

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Good luck & all the best for pre-Christmas time!

LOU BEGA – the new hit single “Give it Up“ just in time for summer!

You can count on Lou for summer again: Within the last years he has already presented great hits for this hot season like “Mambo No.5“, “I Got A Girl“ or “Sweet Like Cola” and now he is back with his new single “Give it Up” just in time for summer.

The video creates a real summer and party mood and was recorded in Palma de Mallorca. “Give it Up” – a #1 hit from 1983 – is the forerunner of Lou Bega’s new album “A Little Bit of 80s”.
With this album the artist presents hits from the 80s in Lou Bega style!

It is a fantastic album and Lou will perform the new songs live as well as in several TV-shows all over the world.